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A lot of people undermine the importance of health. I use to be one of those people. My name is Chris and I am 20 years old. I hope that my experience will help and motivate people to make a some kind of change to better themselves.

Previous weight (2010)-303 lbs
Current weight-healthy

My total weight-loss so far is about 111 lbs. i have gained some weight back; mostly muscles :)

I am also a novice poet who thinks he doesn't reek of eccentricity. Aside from posts that deal with health, I will also post random photos, images and other cool shenanigans. I like that word...shenanigans.

Notice: I do not follow back if: you have an unreasonably low UGW, if your goal is to have thigh gaps and hip bones and so on, and if you ONLY post pictures of very skinny women. This blog is for people who have or share healthy goals, physical health, and even emotional and mental health, not goals that are directly unrelated to health.

Also: if you have an issue with what I say, with my opinion then you can, in a mature manner, inbox me so we can discuss the issue and help me address what it is I said.

One last thing: People who struggle with eating disorders might be triggered by some things I reblog, so please, please be careful and if you were triggered then notify me immediately so I can remove that post/reblog post.

The poems I post here may NOT be used by anyone else for any reason whatsoever unless they have received my full permission, my say so,.

Thank you. Sincerely, Chris.

Sigh. I guess my writing isn’t good enough…

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If you read my poetry—from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you and I love you in that you took even just a little time out of your day to try to feel what I’m feeling.

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I can see the flowers unfold
And the flare of passing
comets color the skyline
I can see the leaves awaken
by the wind’s poetry
I can see the stars pour
their embrace onto me
from light years away.
I can see it,
but to feel it all
is all I want.

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Please, if you’re having trouble deciding on what career path you should follow, what your life calling should be, then please take a look at Mastery by Robert Greene. I’m almost certain it will help you in some way. Please. Please. Give it a shot.

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stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye

yeah except theres disabled people and mentally ill people who literally cannot live alone or without help, and are always going to be dependent on someone lmao but just fuck disabled and mentally ill people am i right guys

What the fuck tumblr?!! Is this a joke? The comment is abso-fucking-lutely unrelated to the original post. Holy fuckery, tumblr. Chill the fuck out.

Person: Hi, stop promoting unhealthy relationships.

Tumblry person: da fuck?! Ableist, racist, patriarchal nipple slinger!!! Wuh iz rung width u?! Ugh. I hope kangroos explores ur bell buttin while u slip.

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→ Symbiosis (Becoming God)


The universe is infinite
But finite through our existence
We’re approaching growth
with steadfast curiosity,
so we slam wrenches
against nails,
wind cables and hail
the result of our work.
We bark and we wail
for our machines to mend
our errors but still,
we are left with our sins;
we will burn below,

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